Monday, March 7, 2011

Weekend Progress Report

The weather was on the wet side this weekend, so I wasn't able to get any much needed yard work done. However- through dilligent effort throughout the week, I was able to turn my pond pool from a dark, swampy green:

To a much more pleasant and much less scary seafoam blue:

It is still a little cloudy and there is a little more leaf raking to do, but it is coming along nicely!

On another front, my carpet that needs to be cleaned, took another hit by being the victim of a leak. From where? Who knows. Home ownership is fun, folks.


Lindsay Blogs said...

I think that, for this reason, I may never become a home owner. Why bother? If a leak pops up, I call my landlord. If my floor collapses or the ceiling implodes, I call my landlord! They have the money invested where I don't!

Amethyst Art said...

There are pros and cons to it for sure!