Thursday, March 24, 2011

What is my Aesthetic?

What is my Aesthetic? This is something we all ask any time we are choosing a design. Whether it is our first place and we are debating whether that poster screams "punk rock" or "poser" or while keeping up with the Joneses "Will Mrs. Jones know I bought that at Walmart?" *GASP* (side note: it isn't Wally World but I just saw a showcase of one of Sarah Jessica Parker's homes and she had a simple IKEA table in the living room. Love that!).

I have been asking myself that question over and over. Something I have realized is aesthetic doesn't always draw all of its influences from a person. Often it comes from the home or the surroundings. What does that mean? Well- it may be hard to take your shabby-chic French Cottage decor and move it into an ultra-modern home filled with glass walls and steel. Sure. You could do it- but you have to be brave and resolute in your decision. Just because you live on or by the beach doesn't mean you HAVE to have white-washed wicker furniture and coral and shells in every nook and cranny.

As for my own, over the years, I have painted, tiled, stripped (no, not that kind!), plumbed, sanded, purchased and filled many a room with furniture and decorative do-dads. I have a varied and expansive collection of... stuff.

In my early 20's I thought themes were the way to go- I wanted an Asian room,

a modern room, a game room and so on. Themes are an easy go-to and can be fun. Now that I am in my 30's, I no longer want that. I want quality and longevity.

I know what I don't generally like- I am not into fussy or frou-frou. I don't buy by the room. I don't like clutter (my boyfriend would laugh if he read that last part. Hey- like and do are two different things. Recall, I mentioned, I have a lot of suff!).

I know I like a few things a lot- I really like glass. Glass of all colors and types (well most).

I like original art. I paint- but I am not always happy with my own art, but I am not afraid to use it. I like copper, metal
and I like solid wood objects and furniture.

Does all of this add up to my aesthetic? Well, I am not sure. In ways, I think I am still discovering it and I can also recognize that it may be a moving target as my tastes and moods change- as they do for us all. Perhaps that is why many of us are always asking that question.

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