Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pura Vida!

I am back! Oh... you didn't know I was missing?

Well, I made a semi-regular visit to Costa Rica on business. I was gone for a week and the visit got me thinking and inspired. Costa Rica is an amazingly lush and dare I say charming country. I would say the people are my favorite part because I have made many a lasting friendship, but it is closely followed by the atmosphere. Color abounds whether it is in the flowers, vegetation or in the decor.

Just look at this contrast. A simple design that makes you take notice because of the mix of colbolt blue, white and deep yellow:

Then there is the wood and iron work which abounds due to the colonial influence (there were many more examples of rustic furniture, doors, mouldings, etc.):

Then are also reminders of the tropical paradise that it is. I love the idea of tiered landscapes and this may be a hotel designed arounds turists and not local asthetic- but don't you just want to pick a spot and lounge on one of these grassy landings, regardless?:

My trip was productive. I missed my boys. Yet, I was still able to appreciate the beauty around me.

I hope you have a "Pura Vida" day!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Design Realization

*Hopping in the Way-Back machine*

Some time ago, I posted some organizational inspiration. This is where I ended up...

Is it design genius? Meh. Probably not even close. Will it help our organizational woes, yes indeed!

I actually scaled down this project quite a bit because I moved it to a smaller wall space. I planned on having a calendar and some art on a broad wall- but it turned into a mail and message station in a tight area (there is a door on the left that swings towards this wall). The mail is no longer on the table and that suits me just fine.