Saturday, February 5, 2011

Testing the Green Thumb

Plantings aren't really high on my priority list. Nothing I plant will fix my organizational problems which I think are part of what is getting in the way of my -beautifully decorated dream home- but in the mean time, I know I need to plant bulbs now if they are going to be pretty, colorful flowers come Spring.

So today I spent some time picking out and planting my Spring and Summer color.

I bought two large planters and several types of bulbs. The pictures of the flowers are from the packaging:

 Ranunculus (mixed)- aren't these cool? They are a little rose like but a little more unique.

Alliums (Purple Sensation)- Sticking with the cool theme, these little puffballs are pretty neat. They remind me of purple dandilion puffs.

Gladiolus (Blue Lagoon) - I love Gladiolus' tall stalks. I like them so much, I got two types...

Gladiolus (Traderhorn)- Beautiful purple and white verigation in these.

Crocus (Mix)- The crocus blooms as soon as the first warm days come signalling Spring isn't far to follow.

I also planted some mixed tulips. The pacakge didn't have a picture, but we all know what Tulips look like, right? To add some greenery, I transplanted some existing Hostas I already had in pots.

So here is the finished product! I know... there isn't much to see yet. You'll have to come back in a few weeks to see how they turned out.

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