Friday, October 14, 2011

Dog House

I really wanted to build a dog house for my pups. I thought it would be good practice for that tree house I am dreaming up for the pumpkin monkey. However, it boiled down to needing additional space for all the items that got moved in last month. The dogs currently "live" in our sun room, but with all of my crafty endeavors, I really need a studio as supplies are in every room and closet of the house. With all the additional furniture and miscellaneous items, there is no longer a work space I can use. I hate to kick the pups out, but it needs to be done. Their new home is pretty nice. I worked the numbers and it was much more economical to buy versus build and this is what we bought:

They can still come in on especially hot or cold nights and they will have a cooling cot for Summer and a heated doggie pad for the winter. 

Though the extra storage and space will be greatly appreciated- getting there will NOT be fun. The room is covered from floor too ceiling with three years of hair and dander, to which I am allergic.No one else will be cleaning the room, so I am currently searching for hazmat suits on eBay. Okay, maybe not, but I probably should.

Updates to follow.

P.S. I know I haven't posted lately, but all the moving and organizing is pretty tough. I will make it up to you with before and after pics ;-)

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