Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Progress Report


The weekend is over, right? Wow, what a whirlwind.

My yard looks somewhat disastrous, but I consider that progress. "Why?"You may ask? Because it takes a little destruction and deconstruction to make big changes- right?

I have a bit of a photo fail on my "before" pictures, so we will have to make due with the in-progress pictures.

As you can see, my dogs also like to be part of the picture. I figured I would let them be since they are a major part of why the back yard is such a mess.

As you may ALSO see, the pool is actually a normal pool color! YAY! You may also note the pool equipment in the photo because I figured I would also leave it to illustrate my many hours of hard work transforming the pond to something that looks more like an oasis. We aren't quite there yet, but -so- close.

This weekend, I cleaned the pool (again), bought supplies, removed the old thin and brittle flagstone from the path (minus the tiny stragglers you can see on the patio in the photo), dry fit some new stones in a basket weave pattern, weeded the planting beds on either side and pruned, pruned, pruned. If I had taken a "before" photo, you would notice the rose bushes were about two feet taller and wider.

It wasn't all me, my guy raked up about 15 BAGS of leaves and pine straw in the front yard. What a difference out there as well.

All of this and I managed to wrangle an 11 month old, get an oil change, go to a birthday party and do some laundry.

And to wrap-up, may I introduce my beautiful Cherry tree in full bloom? So pretty. The blossoms will be long gone before it is party time, but I always like to capture it in its glory before the petals blow away on the wind.


Ape Chandler said...

Man! What a job! It's coming along! I enjoy looking at your pics!

Shylee said...

Thanks! Shucks, I like looking at your pics too ;-)