Friday, March 11, 2011

What to do

So I mentioned the tan, tan, tan room with the dirty and wet carpet and the need for color a few times. Said room also has a lot of bare walls namely this one:

Can you tell I took full advantage of the natural light? Mother Nature was very generous with it this day. Hope none of you loyal readers goes blind!

So, besides the blaring block of sunshine and many vents, there is nothing on these walls. I think art would drown in the space. I have thought about hanging some wrought iron art piece- but it that too blah and over done?

While taking pictures of the room, the carpet-mussing offender decided to ham it up a bit:

Hello world! Look at my teeth!

So besides the padded table legs and ugly floor lamp, the room lacks any flava, decor, mojo. You see my liberal use of the word tan wasn't an understatement, don't you.

What. To. Do.

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