Thursday, March 17, 2011

Design Inspiration - Dreaming Green

My outdoor spaces have MUCH room for improvement. I often dream about what my spaces could be. Over the next few weeks, I plan to make some real progress, at least in the back yard.

Here is my design inspiration:

In the area between the patio and the pool, there are two large, square planting areas. These are currently dominated by lots of weeds and pitiful planters from years past. I would like to add some low-maintenance plants to this area so that it is more naturalized and less mulch-ized. I love Lavendar, so that might be an addition I'd make.

Then I have the ivy covered retaining wall of doom. I want to take the upper area and make it more accessable. I think I would have a lovely, meandering stairway with a stucco retaining wall:

I would like to clear out some trees on the upper level and build a patio area with a fireplace:

Doesn't that seem great? For now, everything but the plantings are what the title suggests- a dream.

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