Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Progress Report

Another busy weekend. T-minus two weeks till the pumkin-monkey's first birthday.

In the Atlanta area, we had a lot of rain over the weekend. It was "supposed" to be in and out on Saturday. Instead, it was off and on all weekend making it's presence known with loud thunder and bright flashes of lighting. Despite Mother Nature's attempts to foil my weekend progress, there were some accomplishments:

  • I weeded the plant beds a bit more
  • I laid the rest of the path from the patio to the pool
  • I leveled everything and secured the pavers
  • I cleaned and treated the pool -again-
  • My brother helped bag the leaves and pinestraw from the yard and cleared the pool deck

What else? I made two trips to the home improvement store. One stop to a big box store to find a better deal. Showed the boyfriend's house to a potential renter. Went to a hockey game and had dinner with some friends.

We did get some quality time in with the pumpkin-monkey too. I either work during naps or Daddy keeps an eye on him while Mommy plays in the dirt.

This week/weekend I have to complete the following because it is the LAST full weekend. Thankfully the party is on a Sunday, so I will have one additional weekend day to work before show time:

1. Mulch the plant beds next to the patio
2. Clean the dogquarium AKA the sun room
3. Clean the patio furniture
4. Clean the house (yeah- just lumping it all together)
5. Clean the carpets (guess technically I hired a company to clean them for me)

In other news, with all the rain, I found my leak is still a problem dispite my caulking efforts. Next step is to check the gutters and maybe call a roofer. This sort of thing always happens when I have my hands full *sigh*

Have a good week everyone!

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Lindsay Blogs said...

I promise your house/yard/everything else doesn't need to be perfect for everyone. You're doing an awesome job getting prepared, though.