Monday, March 14, 2011

Weekend Progress Report

This was another weekend set around the pool. Sounds glamorous, no? No.

The rain last week set my pool progress back quite a bit. All that PH changing, chemical diluting rain caused it to revert back a smidge. I am still unable to see the bottom yet and I skimmed and scrubbed and poured money chemicals in to get it to that perfect crystal clear/blue color I want to view out my windows all Summer.

On the bright side(s), I got a really good work out and I managed to find a mail-holder I liked for this project. My guy, who is actually very opinionated about design, approves- but now he expects full-approval rights for every other component. We'll see ;-)

In addition, I made some progress on the yard clean-up. Starting with the patio. My dogs have made it their domain all Winter, so I am attempting to reclaim it. I am about 80% there. Next step on that front is to weed and re-mulch the area between the patio and the pool.

That's it- I hope you have a great week!

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