Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Weekend Progress Report

In addition to the plantings this weekend, I also ran a few errands and did some cleaning and organizing.

I was able to at least consolidate the paperwork heck in my dining room. I trashed a lot of old expired coupons, catalogs and junk mail. All the paid bills and important paperwork made their way into a paper box for later sorting. I usually go through this process this time of year because I need to organize all of my tax-related goodies. This is something that needs to be done far more often than once-a-year around tax time. The last time I touched this mountain was this Summer. Bad me.

I also went to the home improvement store to buy some shelving for the pantry. That was an adventure- who knew there were so many options. I did buy some things but I am not sure what direction it will go in yet. This is my before shot (don't judge!).

Unfortunately there isn't an after yet. I hope to have one this weekend.

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