Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Progress Report

Wow- what a busy weekend. I was finally clear enough (no football or romanic holidays in sight) to focus on some of my goals this weekend!

I was able to tackle items 1 and 3 from my priority list. I skipped number 2 because I need to wait until just before the party so the carpet is as clean and fresh as possible for the party.

I made the first pass at cleaning the pool. I leaf-raked, scrubbed and vacummed until I could do no more then I doused it with chemicals. This will be a work in progress for a few more weeks.

I had more fulfillment from completing my pantry re-organization. Here are the before and afters:

I don't expect it would cut the mustard with the neatest of neatniks but I am pretty proud of my accomplishment. I removed everything in the pantry closet. Then I removed the shelves and all of the old hardware. Next, I patched all of the old holes and then I installed the new shelves. I re-used a few of the old, deeper shelves and added some new shallower ones (It can be hard to get to the back of the deep ones). All in all, I think the result is good- my shelves are no longer bowing under the weight of canned goods and I gained a new shelf to boot!

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Ape Chandler said...

That looks a lot better!! Way to go!