Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Things First

So this is my basic layout of the house as-is. I am not an architect or draft artist, so this is not perfect or to scale:

Before I start my list, know that I bought my house as a flip. Not mine, but someone else's. Some things were done well (or appeared to be) others were performed by a jack of all trades, master of none. So I have a lot of things that don't make sense in the house.

The first issues I will attempt to fix are more organizational than aesthetic. The big problem areas I would like to tackle first are:

1. Pantry: This is an organizational NIGHTMARE. There are four deep wire shelves. Problem is they are so deep and not well supported. They all bend with small amounts of canned goods on them. It's a little scary.

2. Garage: This is really my fault. When I moved in, I put off unpacking. I really have a lot of stuff and I never unpacked a lot of said stuff. I have tried to fix this little by little by adding utility shelves and peg board organizers. My boyfriend pointed out that this was not a very good effort (hey- way to go with the knock when I am trying, mister). Granted, I do need to find permanent homes for the rest of the items that are still there. Many of which (1/3 or so) are afore-mentioned mister's belongings *ahem*.

3. Dining Room: This is home to paperwork heck. I have sorted and boxed it several times a year, but this begs for a better solution.

4. Pool: Just needs to be cleaned and treated. My super brother offered to help with this as my Christmas present. With the ice and bad weather we have had so far, it hasn't been possible. However, I hope to cash in on this soon.

5. Yard(s): These just need a little polishing. Maybe a little color. I also want a garden this year. I had one for 3-4 years but last year I didn't want to tend one with the big belly getting in the way.

All of these items I hope to rectify before the pumpkin-monkey's first birthday in April. I would like to have some people over and although I can hide the messes for visitors, I would rather fix them.

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