Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Utter and Complete Lack of Design

So I claim to be creative.

I claim, but my house has little to back this up other than the masses of art and craft supplies that litter various rooms and hidey-holes. Sure I have a couple of my own paintings here or there but that is about it. Why? Why.

The reason is, I hate my house. I really do. Again, why? That is hard to explain. By all means, I have a very nice home. It is a two-story traditional home with three bedrooms and two and a half baths. It has two additions- a very large great room and a sunroom. I have about 3/4 of an acre of land, a pool in my back yard and the house is in a good location.

Why did I buy it? All of the above. Why do I d i s l i k e it so?

1. I have a pool.

Pools are not as fun as they sound. I have spent about $6,000 on mine since I bought the house a little longer than two years ago. I am fair-skinned, so I don't sun-bathe. I like to swim but I have been in the pool maybe 10 times. Last year when I became pregnant, I couldn't clean the pool effectively, so at this time, it is little more than a happy, green pond for my froggy friends.

Now that I am no longer pregnant and I have a child on the verge of walking, the once "fun sounding" pool now becomes my mom-nightmare.

2. I am on a steep hill.

There are pros and cons to this... I guess.

I could probably survive a flood.
I can get a pretty good workout running up the 45-degree incline.

It is a real B to mow the front yard.
When the weather is bad, it is nearly impossible to drive up the darn driveway.
Now that I have the afore-mentioned child, I have visions of him taking a step out the door and tumbling down to the street below (I am sure people in San Francisco and Colorado and those other hilly places are calling me a real wuss right now).

3. I am near a large creek.

If I could get past the issues with #1 and #2, I still have issues with interesting wild life. They seem to find their way to my house no matter what precautions I take.

4. I have inefficient doors and windows.

I might as well not have doors or windows. I have single-pane windows throughout my house, save one set of replacement windows in the kitchen. I also have FOUR sets of French doors and the main entry, garage and garage entry door. All of these have a one centimeter to one inch gap around them. Not exactly the best for energy conservation or for keeping baby footsies warm and toasty.

5. I have trees.

Lots of trees. So, so many, very large trees. Good, yes? No (now the New Yorkers are mad). To fix this, I would need to pay at least $1000 each to fell these green giants. Heart-breaking to my green readers, I know. I can't grow grass or a garden. I can't keep up with the yard work these leafy monsters provide. Though, on the bright side, I am sure they assist with my energy bills in the Summer due to point #4.

Oh, I am sure I could go on but I think my point is getting lost. Bringing it back around- I hate my house, so I don't decorate.

This is a shame because I love decorating, renovations and interior design. I have refused to buy anything for this house because I keep thinking I will move. Well, I guess I would if the housing market would improve, I won the lottery or recieved some grand inheritance from a long-lost relative. Since none of these things are likely to happen (at least any time soon), I decided to suck it up and start to improve what I've got.

I need better art on my walls, better organization and storage. NOT TO MENTION, my house lacks my touch and personality. It is fairly vanilla and that will not do.

So I start my journey. You are welcome to come along for the ride.

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