Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Inspired By

I ended up not having a bit of pain after my wisdom tooth was pulled. I was pleasantly surprised. With that being said, my Clean-a-Thon went okay. It was cut short by a visit from my mom and sister who wanted to see the Pumpkin-Monkey after they came back from a New York vacation. I didn't make it much past general catch-up stuff like washing dishes, cleaning up the toy-splosion and laundry, though I won't complain because they needed to be done and they got done.

Time for some inspiration/wish listing...

I was perusing a catalog recenly and got some ideas and wish-list items:

I would have SO much less stress if I had an office like this (I will keep telling myself that at least) and a room to put said office in. I am a little short on extra space these days.

Though I think this arrangement is a little bland (think they want you to buy multiples of their product(s)?), I have planned for years to create some art arrangements. I need to get on that!

They had another FABULOUS organizational product. What girl wouldn't love this? What girl doesn't NEED this? Room for boots... it has room for booooots! Yeah- again, another thing I don't have enough wall space for or closet large enough for, but if I did- I would so get this.

I guess that's enough dreaming for the day.

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