Friday, July 1, 2011


I decided to try something new. I am an Etsy merchant and from time to time, I like to play with the gadgets they have on their site. One of those is the "Pounce" feature which allows users to see recently posted or sold items. I used pounce until I found a decorative item and I thought I would build a design plan around that:

The item:
Find it here
Check out this pillow- super cool, no?
Okay so a pillow would be used for a living room or bedroom, most likely. Let's flip a coin... living room it is.

So we need art. I want it to be contemporary, but not TOO abstract or geometric like the pillow. How's this?

Find it here
A little girly, perhaps, but girly can be great and I think it will work. So next up, a little jewelry for the room.

Find it here
Want to see it in a room? Well here you go!

By the way, this is much harder than it looks.

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