Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where to Put it All?

Though I I haven't asked for much on the Pumpkin-Monkey's behalf, I am sure that he is going to get loaded down with goodies for his birthday. Granted, he doesn't need much and he's only just recently discovered his existing toys, but it is inevitable, they will come. People love buying toys, it is a fact.

So this has me thinking of storage solutions for all this baby booty (hee hee, had to).

While browsing the aisles of my local mega-retailer in search of goodie bag stuffers for the party, I came across something I thought would work well for his growing collection. The idea is not new or novel, but I think it will work well for his space.


He has a woodland theme in his room and I think these colors would work really well, as well as contain his kiddo clutter for a while.

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