Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Come on in!

In the week or so after the party, things have been blissfully relaxed. No obligations, projects or issues to attend to. My boyfriend and I decided to use some of this free time and "window shop" some local home building sites. We are not in the market but we can get ideas and dream till our hearts are content.

One thing we note when looking around are that we like houses with a nice entryway. After all, we DO live in the South (a big porch is practically mandatory) and it is the first thing a person sees when they approach your home. Our current house has a small front porch, but it it pretty lacking in character:

I think we would both like something that has more texture and substance. Personally, I like stone and timber like this but with an actual "porch" with enough room for some chairs:

Another style we like is what is billed as Craftsman in this area, but could be Arts and Crafts style. Either way, a modern interpretation which could be inspired by either movements. Note the substantial tapered columns and stone work:

Granted, we could apply either of these styles to our current home, but there is something about the window shopping that makes it fun and dreamy. I can feel the balmy Summer breeze against my cheek right now... ahh, pass the iced tea please.

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