Monday, August 8, 2011


My boyfriend is moving in some of his furniture that has been in storage for two years. That means it is time to re-shuffle, rearrange, dispose and de-clutter.

One area that will likely change the most is the formal living room.

He wants to set up the room similarly to how he had it at his house. The room shapes in both of our houses are similar in that they were longer than wide. However, his place had windows along the wall where I have a fireplace, no fireplace and no French doors. I am willing to try it, but the set-up looks a little crowded to me. Another concern is that I don't have cable hook-ups on the wall where he wants to move the tv, nor can I because I am on a slab. He would like to designate this as the "movie room". Regardless of the configuration, I am certain it will be better than the hodge-podge I have in the room today! Pictures to come in a few weeks.

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